Taekwondo Bamberg, seit 30 Jahren trainieren im BBCB Menschen von jung bis alt und aus allen teilen der Welt, die Kunst der Selbstverteidigung aus Korea.

Atiqullah Youlchi, 3th DAN (World Taekwon-Do Federation)
Born 1983 in Saripul (Afghanistan)
Hobbys: Taekwon-Do, Music

Exams history:
1st DAN 2016 (ANTF)
2nd DAN 2018 (ANTF)
3rd DAN 2021 (ANTF)

Best referee of 2017 Junior under 17 national Taekwondo Competitions
2nd place in Regional Competitions for the selection of national team 2007
1st place in provincial team selection completions 2008
4th place in National competitions 2015

About me:
Martial arts in particular Taekwondo have been my passion, I have spent over 20 years of
my life practicing this art/sport. Starting my first days in 1999 in the age of 16 I began one of
the interesting journeys of my life.
The reason I joined martial arts is lack of inner courage and strength causing fear and
disbelief on myself. My Taekwondo journey begins when I was living in Pakistan as refugee
in hardship with very poor economic conditions. I still can feel the feelings of my first day
training in Taekwondo Dobok (uniform) and tying White belt by my master. Defense
Taekwondo Center was the first school where my Taekwondo journey started.
I have been through many masters during my sporting journey whose names I worth
mentioning here (Abdul Majid, Jahangir Khan, Akhtar Mohammed Khan, Abdul Khaliq Dotani
and Nasir Ahmad Ahmadi).
During 23 years of practicing Taekwondo, I learnt skills that helped me build my internal and
external way of thinking, behavior and characteristics. I learnt how build my self-confidence,
maintaining endurance, staying on principles and maintaining discipline. After passing long
up and down journey I am at the stage of serving those seeking a path that is not only an art
of self-protection but also art of internal build up and sprit of real life.
With almost 15 years of coaching (training) experience I feel proud of serving humankind as
martial arts trainer where it is worth mentioning that under my coaching hundreds of youths
in different categories learnt martial arts skills and gained achievements on national level as
well on international level.
With more than 5 years of Taekwondo referring experiences I have been one of the
successful national referees of Afghanistan National Taekwondo Referees Committee by
achieving many best titles of being best referees of many national competitions.